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High Technology of temperature control

that doesn't fail under any conditions

Hello customers!

Sanup Electric has been producing various instruments for temperature control and management since the production of the product when the  concept of temperature controller was first introduced to the domestic industry in the early 1960s.

Founded 1963, Sanup Electric has supplied products to processes that require temperature control and management in almost all industries, including steel, science instruments, semiconductors, ceramics, shipbuilding and automobiles. We have accumulated the unique technology of temperature control in our effort.

We have stabilized products and built reliability with various quality certifications such as UL, C-UL, CE, FCC, KC and recognized the uniqueness of sustainable management environment and technology through certification of INNOBIZ, VENTURE and Internet Frontier Company.

Our products, which are exported to all over the world, share the history of the development of the Korean industry and will be with the remarkable growth of the future. With continuous technology development and product improvement, we aimed at realizing the temperature control technology that is easy to use by the users in the field, reliable in any process with the highest stability and does not fail in various conditions that are necessary in the field and in any condition. 

​Based on the design of reliable products and stable quality, we will contribute to the development of the industry and will be faithful to the role of company that fulfills its social responsibilities.

May. 14th 2020 CEO D. Y. Kim

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