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High Technology of temperature control

that doesn't fail under any conditions



  • Sanup Electric is one of the first companies in Korea to start producing temperatures at the same time.

  • It was a harsh condition that could not be called technology but the beginning was start of the history of electronic thermostats in Korea and the history is still going on.

  • At the time of establishment, the company name was 'Kukil Electric Works'.

  • Founder president Kim, In-Sik has focused on researching and producing temperature controllers for more than 50 years.



  • Start production in earnest analog temperature controllers

  • The development of the industry as a whole improved the parts market and improved both the quality and performance of the products produced.

  • Uijeongbu-si, Uijeongbu-dong, established a factory in the current position to start full-scale production.

  • This is the time to start exporting to the Middle East and to establish a variety of new products to solidify our position in the market.


  • In the past, thermostats used electronic circuits, but they were all analogue products. The level of technology accumulated in the 90's starts to increase, and it is time to develop and produce a PID type temperature controller.

  • Stable temperature control is realized by using a more advanced PID control algorithm.

  • We have obtained various quality certifications and started to export to the global market. Actively targeting the global market, we begin exporting to the Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia and North America.



  • We obtained ISO certification, established a quality system from development to production and test inspection, and dedicated to the quality growth of our products.

  • We establish contracted distributors in major markets around the world and start production in Iran and India.

  • Recognizing the performance and quality of our products, we have contracted with manufacturers of scientific and food manufacturing equipment to develop and supply exclusive control devices.

  • We designed and produced user-friendly products, supplied them to the market, and secured price competitiveness with accumulated technology.

  • We are applying control technology for over 60 years to IoT and applying it to various fields, and we are actively mass-producing products connected to scientific devices and food devices.

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